Characteristics of Original Vibhuthi :

1)Vibhuthi should be prepared from Swadeshi Cows (Bos Indicus family)

 (i.e.Traditional Indian native Cow breeds like Kangaeyam,Umblachery,Gir,Ongole etc.,).Kindly see the "Original Cows " slideshow on right to see the Sacred Native cow breeds which are nearing EXTINCTION)

2)It should NOT be prepared from the dung of "Jersey "or "Holstein-Friesian" cross-bred animals (Bos-Taurus family) which do not belong to Cow species Family (Bos-Indicus).

3)It should be prepared only by Learned Vedic Brahmin Pandits.

4)It should have NO adulterants like Jersey & Friesian breed's dung ashes,Bull & buffalo dung,Rice bran & Rice husk ashes,Boiler waste ashes,Thermal Power Plant ashes,White stone powder,Paper cellulose,Calcium carbonate,Chemicals,Paint Powders,Synthetic perfumes etc.,
Before you buy ANY Vibhuthi,CHECK whether,

1)It is made from SWADESHI cow dung &

2)It is made by VEDIC Brahmins.

3)It is NOT rough in texture (Some add  rice husk ash too) and

4)NOT much black/grey in colour.


Where & How to get Thirumoolar Vibhuthi?

Vibhuthi is sent as a compliment to the donors who donate for Yajur Veda PArAyanam (Vedic recitation) done by B.Vaitheeswaran at his residence at Dindigul,Tamil Nadu.

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* This Vibuthi is WITHOUT fragrance.If you require fragrance you may add rose water/sandal/javvadu etc 

* Available in 25 gms & 50 gms packets.

* We prepare this Vibhuthi in a VERY small quantity.So,Kindly confirm availability of Vibhuthi before making a donation.

* This Vibhuthi is NOT available in any shops in Chennai or other places.It is sent only by courier from Dindigul to the Donors of Yajur Veda PArAyanam.

* The amount you donate goes to Vedic pandits and to poor farmers rearing Swadeshi Cows who are protecting it from Extinction!.